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Here are some Internet sites with information for gameplayers. Also, check out my list of Internet sites where you can play games with other people.


Card Player This quality magazine put out by Barry Shulman is devoted mainly to poker. I have had a regular column in it since 1991 called "All About Poker."

PGambler's Book Club This bookstore is located in Las Vegas, and has the world's largest catalog of books on poker and other gameplaying and gambling subjects.

Gamblers General Store The Gamblers General Store is just what it says; they have lots of stuff. The GGS is the biggest supplier of gambling supplies in the world. And they have a large poker book selection.

ConJelCo This company is operated by Chuck Weinstock, and sells a lot of books via the Internet. Chuck publishes a regular newsletter called "The Intelligent Gambler."

RGE Publishing, Ltd This Vegas-based company was originally for helping blackjack players, but it now stocks and sells poker books. Their www website is named ""

Books For Gamblers This virtual store specializing in gambling books is based in Toronto and serves the Canadian market. It is owned and operated by Mike Rosen.

Two Plus Two Publishing This company writes and publishes poker books. The works include but are not limited to books by the well-known poker players and writers David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth, and Ray Zee, capably edited by Lynne Loomis. Their website features an excellent forum for the exchange of information and ideas on poker.

Poker Gurus is an attractive website run by Mike Vuolo where you can buy books on poker.

Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies is the world's leading supplier of bridge books. Now they are entering the poker book market as well. Jim Maier, the proprietor, is a poker player, and well aware of the spreading popularity of the game now that it is available on television.


Ready Bet Go This site has good poker info, uses my rulebook Roberts Rules Of Poker, and carries many of my poker articles.

Poker Magazine Online Poker Strategy Articles, Room Rules, News, Bonuses, Girls & Chat. This site regularly carries my poker articles.


All Poker This site belongs to Brian Murphy of Baltimore. It has plenty of poker information, including rules, tournament schedules, supplies, and articles.

The Poker Forum This is a new chat room for poker players, sponsored by Chris Johnson of California.

Casino Search This search engine can be used to look for poker rooms and other casino gaming locations.

Poker Top 10 This is a new site that gives top ten listings (according to readers and/or their staff) in a lot of categories.

Play Winning Poker This site of noted California poker player Steve Badger has a lot of info about the game.

Firbolg The Firbolg were an ancient Irish people. This odd name for a poker website was chosen to call attention to this site being sponsored by an Irishman. Ireland is a great poker country, and this new site is an interesting one.

Cardroom Tour Here you can find reviews of online poker sites and their sign up bonuses, as well as links to the sites themselves. You also can see individual site review pages.

Top Texas Holdem This site of Mike Greenberg gives lots of in-depth advice for playing Texas Holdem.

The Poker Times News, playing site recommendations, articles, and lots of other interesting stuff.

Bet-The-Pot This poker forum administrated by James Dodd is a promising newcomer.

Holdem Tight Bill Haywood's poker training resources and books.

Online Poker Rooms A guide to the web's premium US and UK poker rooms.

Portal Poker A new site with a lot of poker content.

World Series of Poker A site devoted to tournament play and the WSOP.

Online Poker 777 An online poker resource for poker strategy, poker tips, the latest poker news, online poker games, articles, and more.

Texas Holdem School Lots of info about playing holdem poker.

Poker Plat A poker newsletter that has a lot of up-to-date information.

Cardschat A new forum for poker players. PokerListings has strategy, rules, news, tournament results, reviews, and many other things related to poker.

Poker Top 100 This site has good info about daily online poker tournaments at many internet poker sites.

Poker Players USA This site is oriented toward the player, and is loaded with information.

Holdem Tight This site is operated by Chip Young of Velocity Books. It has book recommendations and poker advice.

Online Poker Room Reviews This site provides info on various online poker sites, and also has downloads available for an array of free poker tools such as odds calculators.


Michigan Chess Association The MCA has info on chess clubs and tournaments in Michigan, among other things.

United States Chess Federation The USCF is the national organization for organized chess in America.

FIDE This is the worldwide chess organization.

Continental Chess Association This organization of promoter Bill Goichberg is the biggest sponsor of U. S. chess tournaments.

Chessopolis This website is loaded with information and activities related to chess, including chatrooms, articles, news updates, and so forth.

New in Chess magazine. This publication is filled with personally annotated games by the world's leading players.


Flint Area Backgammonews Website This sounds like a bunch of locals; it isn't. This page is probably the best source of backgammon tournament information in the world, thanks to the efforts of club president Carol Joy Cole.

Gammonluck This backgammon website is a new one, and is constantly being improved. It is put up by the fine Danish BG player Karsten Nielsen, who is living in Thailand right now. Karsten is one of my poker friends.


Vince Oddy's Bridge, Books, Games, & Supplies Vince is the leading Canadian bridge supplier, based in Toronto. Besides bridge books, he carries a lot of other bridge items such as cards and software. His poker book section will be available soon.

Baron Barklay Bridge Supplies is the world's leading supplier of bridge books. Now they are entering the poker book market as well. Jim Maier, the proprietor, is a poker player, and well aware of the spreading popularity of the game now that it is available on television.

American Contract Bridge League The ACBL is the national organization for bridge in the United States and Canada.